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It was the next morning, and I had just had my wet diaper changed by the always-helpful Nurse Ames.

  • During my party,everyone called me a baby and i had to sit on a baby blanket on the living room floor! Suddenly, a small spurt escaped and then it seemed like Hoover Dam had burst as I flooded my diapers from front to back with warm pee! My bowels no longer hurt, but I felt what I was sure was a huge mess under my pants.

  • If anything, the second time was better than the first and I spent a lot of time admiring my little marshmallow butt, the puffiness of my diapers and feeling and patting the soft plastic pants before I fell asleep.

As I got out a pencil I looked at Curt, who sat behind me and to the right.

  • She sprinkled powder all over the places that would soon be once more perpetually covered by diapers, and spread the powder with her hand.

  • Jim knew that his wife had complete control of him.

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