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He adds that he is good with games, however, and he used Karl, who sold illegal weapons, as his scapegoat.

  • In a brief flashback, Sebastian is putting a corset on Ciel, who dramatically claims that his organs are coming out.

  • As such, Io has some general surface-level traits in common Karen Amamiya, including aspects of her temperament.

Soon after, the snipers inform Azzurro via telephone that they have failed their assassination mission.

  • It will be released December 3rd, the same day the Sing-Off opens! Finally, Ciel stated his absolute orders: Sebastian must protect and never betray him, to obey his orders no matter what, and never to lie to him.

  • Jamie Marchi said in an interview that her performance of Shoko in the show was basically her doing an impression of Brina Palencia.

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